Hi all, here you can advertize  for free. Anything you have to sell, any thing you want to buy and any services you have to offer and any services you need, Here is the place to advertise for free. Please spread the word about my website the more that people know about the site the more people will see what you have or need? I also have 13 free videos that anyone can download free they are nature slide show videos  they consist of nature and photos from the Museum of Art in Philadelphia pa. click on the link below to fill out the info form to advertize free. The posts I receive will be Posted here ASAP

 Sandra Baughman    
      for sale, misc. items
    Victorian chair,1957 coke thermometer
    available. now


 here is a boutique here in Philly called   Red House "Boutique & Sewing/ Creative Work Space" Open Wed-Sat 1-8pm we host
Sewing classes daily.
Schedules available upon request
3733 Midvale Ave
Philadelphia, PA
Call us or stop by             215-219-3823      !

there Facebook page address is http://www.facebook.com/RedHouseBoutiquePhilly

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 Terra Dukes

Romance Products

Terra             267 582-5558      

Email: Terrastime4romance@yahoo.com


       I have a Business which targets women.... I promote all types of Romance Products: lingerie, bath and body products, massage products, bedroom novelties. I do home parties, vending events, etc.

 I tell potential customers to think about creating Date Nights with their significant other..                         or perfect gifts for the Bride To Be For Her Honeymoon ..or Anniversary Gifts or whenever to keep one love alive..


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